Tax Accountant San Francisco, CA

Tax Accountant for San Francisco CPA firm

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Tax Accountant - all levels

We have multiple openings for the position of Tax Accountants ~ San Francisco, CA office.


  • Prepare tax returns for individuals, business entities, trusts,and estates;

  • Compute estimated federal and state income tax payments;

  • Prepare amended returns and carryback claims;

  • Prepare personal tax projections;

  • Prepare quarterly and annual payroll tax returns;

  • Prepare property tax claims;

  • Proactively interact with clients to gather information and financial documentation to prepare returns, develop tax strategies, resolve tax-related problems, and respond to audits;

  • Examine financial situations by analyzing accounting records, financial statements, tax documents, and other relevant reports and procedures, and prepare recommendations for business and accounting processes and improvements;

  • Undertake tax research projects as directed;

  • Ensure continued professional development by remaining current on modifications in tax law and reporting, accounting standards, and the features of the latest tax preparation and accounting software programs  (Lacerte a big plus).


Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Accountancy or Finance


2 years’ experience as an Accountant

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