Receptionist/Admin Assistant Santa Rosa

This position is a combination of reception, administrative support, and assistant to owner.

Admin - Clerical
North Bay -14

Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Answer 6-line telephone; answer general questions, direct calls, take messages.  

  • Check in with Security to acknowledge officer on-duty and make a Security cell phone check (to ensure that the Security cell phone is working).

  • Ensure that Security is enforcing employee parking patrol each morning before stores open. 

  • Make sure Security picks up mail at the Post Office; open all mail, stamp with Received stamp, and submit for review and distribution.

  • Any janitorial or maintenance issues must be recorded on the Maintenance Log.  If it is an “emergency”, it still gets recorded on the Maintenance Log, but you will also directly contact the outside staff by cell phone/direct connect to handle the issue.

  • Open and print out all Security (Cycops) reports.  Organize and review daily security reports (highlighting any incidents, noting any issues to be repaired by maintenance on the Maintenance Log, submitting any incident reports for review; input any criminal activity on monthly report form that will be sent to the SRPD).  Report any discrepancies or issues to Allied-Universal Security Manager.

  • Give bank deposit to Security; when they return with the bank “bag”, make sure that the deposit receipts are given to the respective bookkeepers. 

  • Maintain owner’s Appointment Calendars. 

  • Issue Gift Certificates to customers through walk-ins or telephone calls.  You are responsible for inventorying and ordering any Gift Certificates and Gift Certificate Envelopes as needed.

  • Log in any incoming checks into the Incoming Check File.  Submit at end of each day for processing.

  • Run any errands that need to be done on behalf of the Management Office. 

  • You will make coffee each day and clean the kitchen each afternoon before you leave. 


  • Process all Purchase Orders and Invoices.  Make sure amounts on invoices correlate with the purchase orders. 

  • Every Thursday you should receive the Security Schedule from Allied-Universal Security Services.  If you do not receive, it is your responsibility to contact the Security Management to obtain the schedule (this is usually done by email).


  • Enter Tenant sales reports in the Accounting System.

  • Order Janitorial Supplies (a list of items will be provided to you by maintenance staff). 

  • Provide Slave Meter, Roof Inspection, Compactor, Backpack blower reports to Maintenance.  Ensure that they are completed and returned by the 5th.  Submit Slave Meter report to Accounting and the remainder of the reports to the Maintenance Supervisor for his review.  Take appropriate fix-it action, when necessary.

  • Prepare and send Crime Report to Chief of Police.

  • Maintain current Certificate of Insurance documents for all Contractors & Sub-Contractors doing work.  Conduct appropriate follow-up if needed by correspondence and telephone calls to keep insurance current. 

  • Inventory office supplies; ask all inside staff members (via email) if any office supplies are needed.  Send list  for approval; once approved, order supplies as requested or needed via Staples/Office Max.

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