Senior Pricing Analyst Rancho Cordova

The pricing analyst is responsible for analyzing competitor pricing matched with market expectations to determine the ideal target price for our products.

Roseville - 03
Full Time
Duties include providing thorough analytical breakdowns of costing structures, labor and overhead expenses as well as identifying specific strategies used in pricing models of the same. Reports are written in order to evaluate the findings and to propose the results to the relevant departments for effect. This position will be involving in financial account management and analysis. The position reports to the Operational Controller.
Prepare costing information for quotes including detailed information of material, labor and overhead costs.
Create and maintain MO’s (manufacturing orders) in Infor XA
Support production activities maintaining sales forecast, PDBL, and costing reports updated in a daily/weekly and monthly basis.
Maintain COSAC costing system updated in a monthly basis.
Prepare and certify costing information for TINA proposals.
Maintain records for correspondence and documentation in relation to established contracts and those in progress.
Communicate and present information to stakeholders about all contract-related matters.
Monitor contracts and move forward with close-out, extension or renewal according to what’s best for the company.
Assist in design support, resource coordination, and technology delivery.
Perform competitor analysis on similar products.
Scope out opportunities based on market trends and industry condition.
Identify ideal pricing structures and sales funnels.
Create reports reflecting metrics and project status, objectives and barriers.
Communicate findings effectively to relevant departments of the company.
Supports audit process and ensuring it gets completed properly.
Interacts with functional peer groups regarding exchange or presentation of information.
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Senior pricing analyst