Plater/Swing Shift Santa Rosa, CA

The PMTC Plate Shop is part of the dynamic team at building state of the art technology. The plating shop adds precious metals to parts that will protect them from corroding and activate their conductivity. The parts increase in value greatly while in the plate shop due to the addition of the metals and the function of the part. Electroplating is an area that requires extreme attention to detail to avoid damaging a product at the last step prior to shipping and coordination to ensure we meet customer expectations

North Bay -14

Plater Position--Swing Shift. 

The plate shop is considered a wet process since all the parts are submerged into a collection of chemical tubs or baths in a specific order to achieve the desired outcome. The chemicals in the room are hazardous/poisonous, while there are controls in place to minimize the risk to operators and PPE is provided, the area still demands a great deal of caution while working.

Electroplating relies heavily on documentation but the operators are responsible for finding the area of the parts to be plated in order to apply the electro current for the appropriate amount of time. Operators work closely with engineering to ensure the documentation supports the production of quality products. Prior to adding value to the parts and before the final product leaves the shop operators must inspect the parts using varying magnification to identify and weed out defects.

Requirements: Swing shift hours are from 3:00PM to 11:30 PM Monday thru Friday. They will need to train on dayshift for approximately a month from 6:30AM – 3:00PM.

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